Saturday, June 28, 2008

Forensic Heroes 2 Ending - Production Specials

Part 1: Behind the scene technology

Part 2

Friday, June 27, 2008

Charmaine Sheh @ Pleasure & Leisure

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Thursday, June 19, 2008

Esquire Magazine June 2008 - Issue 235

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Yuki:wow!!! ah sheh is so beautiful!!!walauleh
!!!so leng lui.and very cool la.....

something need everybody help!!!=_=

first,yesterday i went to jusoc to but forensic heroes2 ep11 to 20.i am very happy of course,but then,the nightmare start...
when i am back from jusco,i realised that the dvd i had left in the shopping centre,so i quickly call to jusco,i mean to the counter that incharge,but they say cannot see any dvd around.=_=
the point is the dvd is my mum bought it,not me,she 100%will scold me for so foolish!!!!
so now how????
*tel my mum,but she wil scold me la
*go to buy another dvd?BUT I DON HAVE SO MANY MONEY!!!
can u all help me?PLEASE.u can leave ur IDEA at the comment page or chatbox.
thanks for ur idea.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Dayo Wong and Charmaine Sheh set for sparks in new TVB series

Following [To Catch the Uncatchable] and [Men Don't Cry], Dayo Wong will be returning in late September to film new TVB series produced by Cheung Kin Man. This time, Dayo will become a genius entrepreneur who saves a lot of businesses. He will be paired up with Charmaine Sheh, starting from bickering enemies to lovers. As Dayo once complained that he doesn't get paired with fadans often, TVB arranged for him to work with 5 fadans.

Currently filming TVB series [Turbulence of East Meets West] in Guangxi, Charmaine expressed delight to be working with Dayo and does not mind portraying an ugly role if necessary. This is because she has never really filmed a comedy series since entering entertainment business. She is excited to have her wish fulfilled.

Actually in 1999 Charmaine had a chance to work with Dayo. At that time Dayo is filming [Justice Sung 2] with Cheung Tat Ming and Charmaine was supposed to have a role in that series. However a week after filming begins she was transferred to film [Detective Investigation Files 4]. Her original role in [Justice 2] was replaced by another person. Therefore Charmaine expressed regret of not having fate with Dayo in the past. After completing [Turbulence], Charmaine will be taking a long break to accompany her mother is USA, taking the opportunity to recharge herself and prepares to create sparks with Dayo.

According to sources, Dayo's role in the new series is very intelligent and has an attitude. He is a genius entrepreneur but only concerned about making money. Due to a mistake, he learned a lesson and stop emphasising on money and decided to become a ‘business doctor’. However, his methods are very weird and set up deathtraps before turning the situation around. People have mixed reactions toward him.

As for Charmaine, in the beginning she mistook him for a bad person therefore she constantly ruins his plans and goes against him. From fighting they fell in love. The series plotline will be in chapter format (different story every few episodes) and there will be a lot of attractive actresses guest starring the series such as Bernice Liu and Angela Tong. All of them likes him therefore Dayo definitely will have a good time filming the series.

yuki: wow!!!charmaine will be work with dayo.cannot wait,cause i read the storyline,it like very funny(can imagine it)hihi,to me,it a good news cause charmaine has a new series again!!!!

For the new series, it will start filming in late September/early October. It's a modern series with approximately 20-25 episodes.

Monday, June 2, 2008

forensic heroes2 and preview week5

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yuki: wow!!very happy,kevin will start dating with charmaine !!!yahoo!!!but i want to watch frankie dating with charmaine,but maybe no chance.however, enjoy!!

forensicc heroes2 full mv

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yuki: wow!!!i never think that the money would be so much, appreciate ah.however,thx everybody.

Charmaine's Blog Post : 31st May 2008

Action Sequence

In Forensic Heroes II, I have quite a number of action sequence. In this scene, Angelina Lo Yuen Yen was pushed off the roof, but I flung over to rescue her.

Although there was a stunt double, but to make it more realistic, most of the scenes needed me to do the stunts on my own. Luckily there was a stunt coordinator around, so I would not injure myself.

Original Blog Post and Pictures Credits to Charmaine Sheh's TVB Blog.

yuki: if i was the baby then perfect!!!the baby is so lucky and cute, the baby's eye is just like a angel and was saying mummy mummy at charmaine.hahaha, just kidding!!!!