Monday, March 31, 2008

today have a bad day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

today i went late to school, then when i go to school, mi forgot to bing my pencil box.
then when recess time, i eat my bread and my fren come to say something to me (she say that today m look is a little bit funny)then when i comb my hair, my comb drop to the floor, so unluckyy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
so wheni back home, first thing i do is sleep.

here some pic of charmaine and other stars!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Sunday, March 30, 2008

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Irene Wong getting married!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!CONGRATULATION


*Last night, Irene Wong married her boyfriend of 5 years Joey and held a 38 table banquet. The atmosphere is very merry and romantic.When the groom Joey went to fetch his bride, he has to overcome 3 obstacles such as soaking his feet in soft drinks; eating sweet sour spicy and bitter hamburgers and also blowing candles with stockings over his head. Mentioning her husband's wedding proposal, Irene is glowing with happiness: "That day I was feeling unwell, but he keep insisting I got out to have dinner with him. I can guess that he wants to propose, but I did not expect him to hide the wedding ring in the last dessert so I was quite surprised." During the banquet, the pair keep complimenting each other Irene praised her husband being an honest and filial son while Joey praise her as beautiful and caring. Asked if they would like to have a baby soon, they both expressed that they want to enjoy a couple's life first; baby will come naturally.Among those attended are Charmaine Sheh, Sherming Yiu, Annie Man, Zuki Lee, Catherine Chow etc. Charmaine expressed that giving gift cash is more practical and wish the newlywed a sweet life and quickly have a baby since Irene is a very caring person and hence she will be a good mother. Sherming also said that Irene's husband like children, so she hope they would have baby soon.If reposted, please give due credit.
Sehseh: Congrats to Irene! Irene are among Charmaine's circle of close friend since they knew each other sine ROTC days. Wonder when will it be Charmaine's turn?

Charmaine's Blog Entry:



*Now the provisional date for Zhong Shan location filming is end of May. If there's updates I'll notify you all!Also another anticipation "Forensic Heroes II" still has no concrete news on airing time. Pay more attention to TVB Channel and my Blog....hehehehe...But then the latest show that you all can see me in is "Super Trio Supreme" which will air this Sunday.I present you the latest filming pictures of 東山!!!

credits from ivy's blog and charmaine's tvb blog

Charmaine Sheh's 7th year in Next Magazine TV Awards

Charmaine Sheh attended Next Magazine TV Awards 2008 and is ranked at 5th place. She expressed that she has being attending the award ceremony for 7 years and was ranked ranging from 10th in early years to 1st places last year. Therefore she feels that she have declined in this year's result. However she feels appreciative as it was not easy to be ranked for 7 years in a row.

Seeing newcomers like Linda Chung getting ranked in Top 10, she feels happy for her junior. When asked if she feels pressured: "The industry is constantly having new blood joining in, it's actually a good thing as the work burden can be eased." Charmaine says that her mindset is a little different this year – apart from hoping to film another good series like [War & Beauty], she hopes to invest more time searching for Mr Right. "Though there are pursuers, I'm too busy to go out dating. The guy asked me out for 3 months and I have yet to have a meal with him. He probably thinks I’m not interested in him, but in reality I'm only eating lunchbox* everyday."*Lunchbox: Referring the meals provided in lunchbox by TVB for their artists during filming.She added that she hope to take a 2-3 months break to enjoy life and spend quality time with her mother. And perhaps with some time to spare, she might just be able to make new acquaintance.

Next Magazine TV Awards2008 : Results

Top 10 TV Artists
1. Liza Wang

2. Lee Sze Kei

3. Moses Chan

4. Myolie

5. Charmaine Sheh

6. Raymond Lam

7. Bosco Wong

8. Bernice Liu

9. Linda Chung

10. Suzanna Kwan

Most Potential New Male Artist: Wong Cho Lam

Most Potential New female Artist: Fala ChenSponsors' Awards
3D-Gold Charismatic Actress Award: Myolie Wu

HEKURA Most Improved Female Artist: Fala Chen

PHILIPS Extraordinary Acting Award: Liza Wang

RMK High Definition Skin Award: Charmaine Sheh

BELLA Flawless Skin Award: Kathy Chow Man Kei

HAPPY SHOP Active Artist Award: Suki Tsui

MARIE FRANCE Alluring Body Award: Bernice Liu

MEN'S SKIN CENTRES BY BELLA Most Improved Male Artist: Amigo Chui

SVENSON Healthy Hair Award: Moses Chan

Top 10 TV Program
1. Heart of Greed

2. War of In Laws 2

3. The Drive of Life

4. Fathers and Sons

5. Word Twisters Adventures

6. Steps

7. The Family Link

8. Eating Healthy 鮮入為煮 (ATV)

9. The Ultimate Crime Fighter

10. Best Selling Secrets